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The great Australian dream is to own your own home.  Over the last few decades, this dream has become more and more difficult for working Australians, particularly in capital cities.

There are myriad of questions that people need answers to:

  • How much of a deposit do I need?
  • Are we better off renting or buying?
  • Would an investment property be beneficial for me?
  • What type of loan should we get:
  • Interest only or principle and interest?
  • Should the loan be fixed or variable?
  • What are the positive and negatives of property investment?
  • What is negative gearing? Should we be using it? Go to Borrowing to Invest to learn more.
  • What would be the implications id I lost my job or develop a serious health condition or had an accident? Go to Personal Insurance to learn more.

There are many different options and strategies when investing in property, Singleton Financial Planning can help you pick the best for you.

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